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Exceed customer expectations, enhance the shopping experience, and break away from the competition. From shining floors to pristine landscapes, Unisource keeps your facility looking its best and your merchandise stands out.


Keep your guests comfortable and satisfied. Whether you’re operating a resort or a hotel, country club or golf course, or casino hotel, Unisource is your resource for exceeding expectations and enhancing experiences.


Earn and keep customer trust through consistent excellence. With Unisource as your facility maintenance partner, you’ll have everything you need to keep your banking and financial environment spotless and operating with optimal efficiency.


Keep your property running like clockwork. With Unisource as your facility maintenance partner, you benefit from our innovations in caring for commercial environments. We know what it takes to keep your building and landscape pristine.


Meeting the public trust is challenging but vitally important. It’s a task that demands a facility service partner that’s as ready as you are to answer the call of service. With Unisource, your infrastructure, assets, and operations are managed proactively and efficiently, with an eye to the future.


Whether you’re creating, sustaining, or manufacturing, having an experienced facilities maintenance partner is crucial. You’ll reach your goals with less stress and more speed forward-thinking facilities solutions help many of the top technology and manufacturing companies streamline operations, maximize maintenance budgets, and stay focused on the work that matters most. Trust our team of trained, experienced specialists to keep you efficient, streamlined, and securely compliant.

The complete maintenance history will be readily available through our on-line client portal and frequently updated as more information is gathered.



Patients, guests, and professionals expect your hospital to be a safe haven of health. Unisource provides unmatched healthcare facility services backed by budget-conscious solutions and a highly-skilled workforce dedicated to helping you create a healthier healing environment that’s comfortable, clean, and compliant.


Healthcare networks are expanding their services beyond the hospital to off-campus facilities. Though they may offer a different level of care, non-acute facilities play a critical role in the healthcare experience. Unisource has developed maintenance plans that keep operating costs low and quality metrics high.


Seniors and their families desire a residential facility that mirrors the comfort of home with the safety and reliability of assisted care.Unisource offers a variety of solutions designed to keep your senior living residence running efficiently and safely with keen attention to the unique needs of senior care.

Today, the best practices in educational facilities asset management are still centered on the performance of facility condition assessments and life-cycle analyses to evaluate deferred maintenance and long-term capital renewal.

Unisource will develop a database of the various facilities on campus and their components. The database can then be used as a resource to help estimate the expected useful and remaining service life of each component.


Control costs, protect your learning environment and put money back into needed improvements and educational priorities. With Unisource as your facilities maintenance partner, you can provide a healthy and productive environment for students and staff. We take pride in helping K-12 schools accomplish their goals without going over budget.


Reduce financial burdens and create more attractive, comfortable spaces for students and faculty. Whether you need standalone or integrated facility services, Unisource will help you operate and maintain a cost-effective campus to give your institution an edge over the competition.

A sparkling clean business is a competitive advantage.

Unisource is dedicated to help your business enhance the transportation experience of your customers and your employees. From ticket counters and terminal gates to food courts and restrooms, passengers expect a comfortable, well-kept facility. But, keeping up with high volumes of travelers can challenge those expectations.

Unisource Management Corporation offers an extensive line of exterior and interior cleaning services for the private and public transit industry.

In combination with our modern cleaning technologies, we utilize eco-friendly cleaners and disinfecting products and water and energy conservation techniques that ensure the safety and health of your people while maintaining efficiency and sustainability.

Unisource is the experienced partner you can trust, providing strong and engaged onsite leadership and trained, attentive teams to care for your space with a full range of custom services and programs all on your timeline.

      • Daily cleaning of high traffic areas such as restrooms, floors/carpets, and seats
      • Stain and soil removal on hard surfaces and upholstery
      • Pressure Washing
      • Glass Cleaning
      • Tire Cleaning
      • Engine Cleaning
      • Fluid Maintenance
      • Graffiti Removal
      • Use of exterior vehicle washes, interior vehicle washes, glass cleaners, wheel/tire washes, engine degreasers, toilet deodorizers, air fresheners, and sanitizers.

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