A little history about the company and the people who run it

Unisource Management Corporation has an excellent reputation in the facilities management industry targeting a wide array of facilities services. Our standards, expertise, comprehensive training, work ethic, advanced technology, and environmentally-clean products collectively contribute to the satisfaction of our clients and the long-lasting relationships we have built across the country.



    Each client has their own individualized needs and goals when it comes to maintaining their facilities, and Unisource Management Corporation is committed to designing a plan that works for you financially. We want to work with your budget in the best way possible! By providing well-trained employees, cutting-edge technologies, and efficient products that we purchase in large volumes, we will help you to save money and eliminate the large overhead costs in the end while ensuring consistent satisfactory results.
    When you choose to outsource with Unisource Management Corporation, we will save you the time-consuming process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, paperwork completion, supervision, and facilities services maintenance and operation. We manage the entire process from start to finish while bringing in a team of only the best employees with appropriate skillsets that strongly represent our company’s standards.

    Let us handle it all for you! We want to take away the challenges and stress that may come along with finding the right team of people to provide the services you need at the satisfactory level you want. We will manage the behind-the-scenes process of hiring, training, and supervising the correct team of employees so you don’t have to. It is important to us that our employees are a reflection of the standards we live by as a company so we always aim to bring on the best team of highly skilled individuals.

    We proudly provide a 24/7 Emergency On-Call Service Response because we want to be available to you at all times and provide support anytime you need it.

    We are the experts! With years of experience, advanced training, cutting-edge technologies, and reliable management, we have developed the skillsets and processes necessary to efficiently provide the services you are seeking with the best team of employees. Let us introduce skilled employees to provide the services you are searching for.


Unisource makes every day run smoothly by going the extra mile to deliver the best quality with the highest levels of integrity.

Our experienced team’s management solutions are tailored to fit your individual needs, with the goal to be the single source for all your business’s building maintenance and facilities support services.

We understand that a small business will have different needs than a regional hospital or a school. Unisource will design a plan that removes the burden of day to day maintenance needs so that our clients can focus on the end goal that drives their success.


Brady and Michael Otey started their first facility service business in 1985, serving commercial facilities throughout Massachusetts. By 1995, the Oteys had grown the business to one of the largest building service companies in New England.

This tremendous growth, along with their reputation in the industry, attracted one of the largest commercial service companies in the world, ServiceMaster®.

In 1998 the Otey’s business was acquired by ServiceMaster® and joined the company’s executive committee that would eventually acquire over a billion dollars in service companies across the US. A few years later, the Oteys left ServiceMaster® and returned to the industry to build a facility service company that would be different from all the others.

In 2006, Chuck DiSchino was hired as Director of Operations and quickly established the company’s National Operations Center in Burlington, Vermont. With his many years’ experience as a director at Johnson Controls, Chuck developed the company’s latest web-based customer portal that provides 24/7 information to our customers.

Today Unisource Management provides comprehensive facility management support services for retail, commercial, industrial, educational, and hospitality facilities throughout North America. With our experienced team leadership, proven operational process, and innovative technology, Unisource has become an industry leader in facility maintenance services for clients across the country.

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